Presentation Schedule

The institute is made richer by various presenters of different schools and interests. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Tuesday, June 18:

Session 1 (1:00-2:00 PM)

  • Paulina Deitrick – Liberty Common High School (CO)
    • Developing and Launching a House System (D221)
  • Jennifer Boggess – Archbishop Moeller High School (OH)
    • House Identity: Creating Buy-In and Developing Leaders (D222)
  • Sean Kane – Bishop Feehan High School (MA)
    • Catholic Identity as Strengths-Based SEL Program (D223)
  • Jessica Young – Chaminade College Preparatory (MO)
    • Student/Adult Leadership Development and House Activities and Competitions (D224)

Session 2 (2:15-3:15 PM)

  • Lauren Booth and Christopher McGraw – Central Catholic High School (IL)
    • Reflections and Lessons Learned After Year One of the House System (D221)
  • Becky Salehi – Liberty Common High School (CO)
    • House Competition and Event Ideas (D222)
  • Wesley Thomas – Trinity High School (KY)
    • Building Community in Mentor and Advising Groups  (D223)
  • Chad Waggoner – Trinity High School (KY)
    • Student Leadership Development through Student Government (D224)

Wednesday, June 19:

Session 3 (9:30-10:30 AM)

  • Paulina Deitrick – Liberty Common High School (CO)
    • Cultivating House Identity (D221)
  • Adam Klein – Trinity High School (KY)
    • Building a Stronger Faith Community Through the House System (D223)
  • Rory McNulty and Lawrence Kight – O’Dea High School (WA)
    • Crafting and Delivering a Unique SEL Curriculum within the House System (Convocation Hall)

Session 4 (10:45-11:30 AM)

  • Panel Discussion (Convocation Hall)